Slides from my Ghent talk on Open Science

Last week I was in Ghent to give another introductory talk on Open Science —it is becoming an addiction! First, Ghent was much prettier than I expected! Second, researchers are still hesitant to open up to new practices until a clear academic reward is  promised. But we are getting there, slowly but steadily…

Here are the slides:


Open scientists in the shoes of frustrated academics part I: Open-minded scepticism

One influential theory about the brain postulates that its main job is to optimise its predictions about future states of the world. It accomplishes this by minimising the mismatch between predictions and actual sensory data, either by gathering more data or by modifying its model of reality to better fit the data.

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Last week I was in Oslo, invited by the organising committee of Eurodoc2017, to give an introductory talk on Open Science [1]. One thing that became apparent during this two-day event was that, although irresistibly trendy, Open Science remains an elusive concept. Many continue to confuse Open Science with Open Access, not to mention that almost everyone still thinks Open Access is equivalent to publishing in open access journals. In this series of posts, I will discuss a few issues that will hopefully help clarify the meaning of Open Science, why is it important, and how individual scientists can make a difference. I will start by offering my definition of Science, its purpose, and the correct approach to maximise its benefits. Continue reading “Open scientists in the shoes of frustrated academics part I: Open-minded scepticism”

Report back from the COAR 2016 annual meeting

Last week I attended the COAR (@COAR_eV) 2016 annual meeting hosted by the University of Vienna. I was invited by COAR’s executive director Kathleen Shearer to give a talk on peer review on top of repository networks and to participate in a working group that will discuss and provide recommendations for “Next Generation Repositories”. Continue reading “Report back from the COAR 2016 annual meeting”

Diapositivas de mi curso de Educación Respiratoria en el Colegio de Psicólogos

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Slides of my 2-day course on Breathing Education for Psychologists. The presentation includes slides on respiratory physiology, acute and chronic hyperventilation, respiratory muscles and breathing modification.

Diapositivas de mi curso de dos días sobre Educación Respiratoria en la sede del Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos. El material incluye diapositivas sobre la fisiología respiratoria, la hiperventilación aguda y crónica, los músculos respiratorios y la modificación de la respiración.

Diapositivas de mi presentación sobre educación respiración en pacientes de Asma en la Universidad de Granada

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Today I gave a talk at the Psychology Faculty of the University of Granada on the inaccurate, confusing and profoundly problematic definition of asthma as an inflammatory disorder. In the slides I provide under an open attribution licence below, I present some of the evidence against this definition and explain the rationale behind respiratory training for asthma seen as airway hyperresponsiveness. After a very interesting conversation with the audience we tried some simple breathing exercises aiming to reduce breathing, increase carbon dioxide concentrations and relax the airway smooth muscle, thus eliminating asthma symptoms. Continue reading “Diapositivas de mi presentación sobre educación respiración en pacientes de Asma en la Universidad de Granada”

Audio de mi charla introductoria sobre educación respiratoria en el centro sanitario MENSANA

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The audio of the talk I gave on May 7 at the Mensana health center as an introduction to my respiratory education courses for the treatment of asthma and other breathing-related disorders. Continue reading “Audio de mi charla introductoria sobre educación respiratoria en el centro sanitario MENSANA”

LIBRE presentation for Horizon 2020

Today I made a brief presentation of Open Scholar and the LIBRE project at the Information Days on Horizon 2020 that was held in Brussels from 12-14 of February. I had the chance to receive first hand information about the e-Infrastructures calls, listen to many interesting proposals and discuss about possible collaborations with potential partners.

Here is a link with all the presentations: Continue reading “LIBRE presentation for Horizon 2020”