New appointment: Head of Communication and Dissemination Unit for European project PsyCris


I was recently appointed as head of the Communication and Dissemination Unit for the European project PsyCris.

You can learn more by visiting the project’s website:


Universidad a la Calle II

The second “edition” of the initiative “Universidad a la Calle” took place on Friday 15th of March in Granada’s Bib-rambla square. Alfonso Maso, professor of fine arts, wrote a beautiful text summarizing our enthusiasm and our hopes:

La enseñanza a la calle….      (La Barraca Incendiada)

Hay llamas que arrasan.

No permitamos más rejas, más señales de dirección obligatoria al sentido del pensamiento y las palabras. Surgió La Barraca en Granada para provocar pequeños incendios en inesperados interiores, en lugares sin importancia y apenas con  nombre. La propia Barraca pudo ser calcinada por el odio de los generales y por la muerte silenciada de quienes no olvidaron, pero siempre permaneció latente  en escondidas cenizas. Continue reading “Universidad a la Calle II”

Non-profit organisation ‘Open Scholar C.I.C.’ urges scientists to join their forces against flawed academic publishing model


A first press release about Open Scholar and the LIBRE project is out!

“Considering the capability of today’s technology, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that scientists and researchers are able to collaborate and access each other’s work easier than ever before. However, that assumption would be wrong.” Continue reading “Non-profit organisation ‘Open Scholar C.I.C.’ urges scientists to join their forces against flawed academic publishing model”

New academic website!

Welcome to my new academic website powered by WordPress. Here you can find information about my research projects and download full-text copies of my publications. You can also download scientific software I developed in collaboration with fellow colleagues and provide free of charge under a general public licence.

Presentation on the use of the force platform in psychophysiology

Here is a prezi presentation on the use of the force platform to assess approach-avoidance or freezing behavior in psychophysiological experiments. I gave this talk during the 8th annual conference of the Spanish Society for Psychophysiology and Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SEPNECA) held in Barcelona from 3-6 of July.